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tsunami watches were posted for haiti, the dominican republic, cuba, and the bahamas. more than nine million people live in haiti, and there are reports that some buildings have collapsed. raymond joseph is haiti's ambassador to the united states. he joins us on the phone. mr. ambassador, thank you for joining us. >> well, thank you, good night and it's a pleasure and a tough situation for me to be on the air tonight. >> couric: well, what can you tell us, mr. ambassador. what are you hearing about what has happened in haiti from residents there? >> i was able to reach the secretary general to the presidency mr. fritz longchamp, the only official i was able to contact. and he told me he was driving his car east from port-au-prince to a suburb east of the capital and buildings started to collapse on both sides of the streets so he had to park his
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car and start walking. and it was just at that instant that i found him. he said it is añi catastrophe of major proportions. that's his own words. and he told me he was not able to reach any official, not the president nor anyone. and he was walking to his place not knowing what was awaiting him, not knowing whether he could cross the bridge to get to his place. so, you know, it's hard rending. >> couric: mr. ambassador, we've been hearing reports that a hospital collapsed, that people are crying out under that collapsed structure. have you heard anything along those lines? >> i spoke with somebody from world vision while i was on the air on cnn and he was saying
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there was wailing, crying all over, dust rising up all over the place. so he also said that's all we can say because nobody can count the dead yesterday. but he said it's going to be a real catastrophe. >> couric: president obama, mr. ambassador, issued a statement and said "my thoughts and prayers go out to those who have been affected by this earthquake, we're closely monitoring the situation and we stand ready to assist the people of haiti." what kind of help and support might you need from the united states and other nations? >> you know, in the past, the united states came to our help. in 2008 we had four hurricanes that hit in the a matter of three weeks and the united states had dispatched the u.s.s. "comfort" to haitian waters. hospital beds aboard the
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"comfort." and the southern command which is the u.s. military in florida came to haiti's support. now i suppose the same thing can be done. i'm quite sure we will need everything. somebody has just called me and talked to one of my colleaguesñi to say they found out that the white house in haiti, which you call the palace, is damaged. also, the equivalent of the tax office, you know, i.r.s., is damaged. and there are some shantytowns around port-au-prince, around the hills, they have collapsed like cards. >> couric: well, u.s. ambassador raymond alcide joseph, mr. ambassador, thank you for talking with us and updating us on this terrible situation in your country.
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we so appreciate it. >> thank you very much for your concern and your help and please tell the world haiti needs them right now. >> couric: thank you. as we mentioned, this story is still developing, seth doane has more of what we know right now. >> reporter: the earthquake rocked this impoverished caribbean nation late this afternoon. the 7.0 quick was centered roughly ten miles from the capital city port-au-prince and there are reports of at least one strong 5.9 aftershock. early reports are that a hospital may have collapsed and that screaming was heard from the scene. haiti is the poorest country in the western hemisphere, a place where infrastructure is incredibly weak and a disaster of this magnitude could well be an unfolding catastrophe according to officials on the scene. john jacob charles of the i.c.r.c. witnessed it firsthand. >> i went outside and i know that one of my neighbors died because a wall fell on him. >> reporter: david applegate is
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a senior science advisor at the united states geological survey. >> we estimated that up to two million people have been exposed to violent shaking. >> reporter: tonight, most land line and mobile phone service is down in port-au-price. haiti's capital does sit on a fault line, but it's been about 200 years since there was any major seismic activity there, katie. it's launched a tsunami watch in the... affecting the surrounding countries. >> couric: the dominican republic, we should mention. the bahamas. >> the bahamas, indeed. and there are 15 cruise ships in the area as well, of course, we're watching that develop now. >> couric: and, seth, i know you were in haiti not that long ago. what are the emergency services like? as you mentioned, it is an extremely poor country. >> yes, in the best of times it's still quite tough in haiti. it is shantytowns. there's very little regulation in building and having public services that just simply don't exist in some areas of the
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country. you have uneven roads, it can be very difficult in great times to get around haiti. you can imagine now it's dark, there's dust in the air. indeed, quite a scary situation. >> couric: all right. seth doane, seth, thank you very much for that report. now to another breaking story on a very different subject. oh, what a tangled web. plans by the nbc television network to rearrange its late night schedule were thrown into turmoil today when conan o'brien said "no." as sandra hughes tells us,

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